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(no subject) [Jun. 14th, 2010|02:34 pm]
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(no subject) [Nov. 6th, 2006|11:15 am]
what's up homos, add my new journal, SURFSIDEBLVD. no, i'm not linking because i'm on the sidekick and i don't know the code. go directly to my userinfo page to add me because there isn't a link on my journal page.

lurkers, jockers, and stalkers are welcome because i don't have shit to hide and my life is fucking amazing right now. i want the entire world to know that i'm doing amazing, laying right next to my sleeping love, in our amazing apartment. things couldn't be better, they're seriously great.

add my new journal, i don't give a shhit who reads anymore as long as you're not gonna hate and you're gonna comment with something worth my while...and not just something like aw, awesome i'm happy for you on every fucking entry, aaaahem. anygay, SURFSIDEBLVD is my new name.

add it, bitches. tons of love.

JUST COMMENT ON MY FRIENS ONLY POST AND IF I DON'T KNOW YOU? TELL ME WHERE YOU FOUND ME AND YOUR AGE. if you don't comment, i won't know that you've added me, i do not check my friend of list. i don't guarantee ill add you for the sake of weird ass pervs trying to view and boring ass losers i don't want raping my friends list. fin!

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